Medical Case – MGUS and Breast Implant Illness (BII) 

November 15, 2019

Reposted by submission of author & MGUS/BII pioneer, Silvia Germek. See Silvia Germek’s original post on Facebook.

Baby Can Walk!!!!!

This is the result of all our dreams! Pam B., one of several patients with MGUS/SM/MM (all in the multiple myeloma family), all known to occur mysteriously in implanted women (!!!) was an MGUS (monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance) patient. She had explanted several years ago and her capsules were left in. The disease progressed directly because of what we believe to be driven by these capsules which had been under-recognized in the significance for decades. The components of Pam’s unusually bad implants with PU shells known to degrade to toluene and meld into hybrid ‘frankencapsules’ from the way the capsule path reports on such cases sound. I felt that likely, Pam’s capsules were cancer-driving in potential to a significant degree and looked into possible retained capsules with imaging help. Capsules were found and because it was so important to fully remove this suspicious tissue, we asked Dr. Rankin for help. He rose to the challenge and accepted Pam as a patient. Pam was disabled with symptoms from the multiple myeloma family of super-inflammation and excruciating pain known to occur in the MGUS-myeloma progression.

I had a research-inspired idea that removing the capsules would possibly reverse this process leading to bone marrow cancer and death which I had once been on myself. I survived an MGUS and other disasters classified as immunologic cancers. In my case, the super toxic capsules left behind were driving most of the picture. After recovering from this, I began working to identify, screen and find explants of such a quality that only few surgeons can deliver in patients with such bad capsules stuck to ribs that they are hardest to remove. When Pam and another patient with capsules and the same diagnosis spectrum asked me for help, I felt that these capsules would be as tough as mine. Big inflammation of capsules of this type does that. And I wondered who could get those capsules out of both patients. One of them is Pam Bauer who is in this video.

Pam is 71, had implants/capsules for 35 years, was very systemically ill with serious neurologic, immunologic, oncologic issues. For reasons which I would like to explain elsewhere, I felt very strongly that these capsules were the last remaining pathogenic anchor for the immunologic diseases these two patients had and that these anchors needed to be removed. I had worked with only tough cases such as my own to help women and knew how tough such capsules were to remove. I know of only a very small number of surgeons in the US with whom I worked directly who could meticulously peel off a gnarly monster strapped to ribs from decades of inflammation. This is a type of capsule removal needed to help save patients’ lives in extreme cases such as Pam. Every bit of the capsule would have to come out in order to allow any meaningful reversal of these inflammatory processes which were proven for 8 years to be severe MGUS in Pam.

I had no money, no surgeon and knew that this case had to go to the best explant surgeon I could find while we could not afford this life-saving surgery and asked both Dr. Rankin and Cameo Rankin for help. Both immediately agreed to help. Pam had spent her last money on explant but the capsules stayed in. She was seriously ill and had spent her last money on an explant which was u able to get the capsules out. She was very ill, 71 years old, had long paid for explants which left this problem in and now it seemed over for her. The problem destroying her health was both so complex and under-recognized that the hope to find the right surgeon and ways to finance the life-saving surgery for Pam would take. The problem was so large that few surgeons recognize the significance or have the micro-skills to remove such risky capsules. Both factors were needed. Money to pay for it was needed. Knowing what Pam needed to survive, how would we get there?

Against the odds, Pam arrived in Florida last week by the grace of your prayers and the GFM donations from this very FB audience which made the next step possible. YOU helped do this! Dr. Rankin agreed to donate his valuable time and skills which was the foremost important factor in her recovery. But there were many costs associated and there were only Pam and me planning this for months and we needed your help so much and we got it!!! Thank you!!! Special thanks also to Cassie Carter who joined us in the end like an angel and helped hands-on with last-minute everything needed to stretch GFM dollars and was wonderfully supportive and enthusiastic and a joy to work with. We built a GFM piped straight into Pam and she was able to pay for her trip, hotel and anesthesia with your funding and everyone’s donated talents and hard work!

But the most significant contribution to Pam’s health we must keep in view is that Dr. Rankin delivered the tough removal of very diseased capsule tissue stuck to her ribs after decades of inflammation leading to the superinflamed state when MGUS inflammation begins the cancer mutation toward myeloma. The capsulectomy was what we had come for in hopes that it would turn her ongoing cancer progression around in some way was done by Dr. Rankin and it was tough, as we expected had been expected. It is early and we promise that we will post all Hem/Onc labs to document the bone marrow cancer progression and if it is impacted. For now, just please look at this short video clip below. One week ago and for some time before that, due to severe CNS issues such as ataxia and bad peripheral neuropathy and overall lack of strength, Pam could not walk. Here she is today with us in Tallahassee!

This is a very inspiring result in a case of a woman who had been very ill with implants and deemed incurable who is dramatically improved after explant. We will continue to post updates on Pam. PLEASE SHARE!!!


November 7, 2019

Reposted by submission of author, Silvia Germek. See Silvia Germek’s original post on Facebook.

Remarkable news from Pam B. and David Rankin, MD! Her old capsules were completely removed by Dr. Rankin today after a previous explant surgeon had been unable to do so. Her very tough capsulectomy was a complete success!

After 33 years with implants, Pam had originally explanted bilaterally ruptured implants in 2015 elsewhere. Her implants had been Surgitek PU, the most deadly type ever on the US market, which had been recalled in 1991. This implant type had a very toxic polyurethane foam cover which was noted to fail after generally only one year, the very toxic PU foam melting into capsules. Pam’s capsules were left in after explant and predictably, she stayed very ill. She developed an MGUS (monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance, the precursor to multiple myeloma). It is known in the BII community that a number of women reversed this condition after removing implants and capsules.

Suffering from severe systemic inflammation and pain with this condition which is the benign cousin of multiple myeloma (a bone marrow cancer), Pam’s only chance at improving this progression to possible myeloma was to remove the residual tissue which on MRI and ultrasound were clearly seen to be capsules with free silicone. But due to the prolonged rupture, highly toxic implant chemicals, the inflamed capsules had been stuck to ribs so densely that the first explant surgeon was unable to remove them safely.

After discussing with Pam that very few explant surgeons could safely and completely remove such tough capsules, we were able to secure a very generous donation of pro bono exploration and removal of old capsules by Dr. Rankin. He pledged to waive his professional fee and perform this tough explant free of charge! With the help of GFM and the support of our friends on FB and Instagram, we were able to raise the funds needed to pay for anesthesia, travel and hotel cost and Pam came to Jupiter, FL.

Dr. Rankin explanted the tough capsules and a good deal of free silicone from Pam in full today and was able to get everything out!

This was a remarkably tough explant of capsules and we are thrilled for Pam. Pam is resting after surgery and says that she already feels a lot better because she can breathe! Take a look at these huge capsules which had restricted her breathing… Pam is free and resting comfortably tonight and wishes to join me in thanking Dr. Rankin, Cameo Raymond Rankin and everyone who helped make this happen!