October 5, 2019 Update – Our server was attacked tonight in an unrelenting series of failed log-ins, xmlprc attacks and other hacking attempts.  At the same time, specific information from this page was lifted and copied, and even done so in the same order! Let’s compare:

Ours:   “…Gravitt et al v. Mentor, passed preemption twice, first in January and then in June 2018.”
Theirs: “…Gravitt versus Mentor Case Number #1:2017cv05428 passed preemption twice in January 2018 and then again in June 2018.”


Ours:   “…BIA-ALCL commenced in 2018 and are continuing to be filed.”
Theirs: “…BIA-ALCL cases commenced and they are being filed on an ongoing basis.”


Ours:   “In January 2019, two Canadian law firms requested to file a potential class action lawsuit against three breast manufactures (Allergan, Mentor, and Ideal)…”
Theirs: “…in early 2019 two Canadian lawfirms requested to file class action lawsuits against three textured implant manufacturers selling implant in Canada Mentor, Allergan and Ideal…”


Ours:   “…another Canadian law firm has commenced a potential class action against Mentor MemoryGel Silicone Breast Implants.”
Theirs: “…another Canadian lawfirm filed a request for a potential class action against Mentor silicone for systemic symptoms caused by silicone breast implants.”


Ours:   “Allergan responded with a global recall of silicone and saline textured breast implants and tissue expanders. This comes after more cases of BIA-ALCL have been reported. Class actions are being filed worldwide against Allergan textured breast implants including in the US, Canada, and Korea.”
Theirs: “Lately since Allergan has pulled their textured implants from the U.S. market, ther [sic] class actions against Allergan textured implants are underway in U.S. and even Korea.”

Interestingly, the other website’s Lawsuit page had not even been updated once since February 3, 2019 until October 5, 2019. Additionally, the copycat page fails to include supporting research substantiating the information set forth.

This is a screenshot of what the copycat posted on October 5, 2019, just in case she changes it later after seeing this.

Below are two examples of the 50+ attacks received today: