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The recovery of a particular illness is going to begin with removing any interference with the body. That is when reversal can occur, not from symptomatic treatment which treats the symptoms but not the source. 

Thousands of women with breast implants have developed various symptoms in response to the inflammation (foreign body reaction) and toxicity from their breast implants. They began seeking help from their physician and specialists – many adjust their lifestyles to cleaner eating, less work, various health treatments – without resolve until connecting their symptoms to a systemic response to their breast implants regardless of make or model.

It has been established for the past several decades that the first step in recovery is explant surgery to remove the implants and the surrounding scar tissue known as capsules. Both can be responsible for an autoimmune response, with capsules containing inflammatory cells and having the potential to harbor a breast implant associated cancer known as breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

Why explant without replacement?

  • You have many unexplainable symptoms, such as: fatigue, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog, memory loss), muscle aches, joint pain, hair loss, dryness throughout the body, recurring infections, gastrointestinal and digestive issues, rashes, problems with thyroid and adrenals.
  • The occurrence of a new autoimmune disease, with or without family history, or have a preexisting autoimmune disease
  • The occurrence of new allergies, food intolerances, or chemical sensitivities
  • You’ve gone from doctor to doctor and continue to have unresolved health issues

It can help to write down a chronological list of Symptoms from when they first started. You may notice a pattern of how they began after implantation and have only compounded since.

The first step to your recovery is Explant: choose a plastic surgeon that will do full capsule removal (very important) through en bloc or total capsulectomy procedures, ask for all silicone to be removed in case of a rupture or of any gel bleed, have the surgeon take pictures of your capsules and implants during surgery, and have the implants returned to you so you can inspect them. You can also have the surgeon take swabs during surgery and send them to Pathology along with the capsules to check for any pathogens (biofilm, bacteria, fungi), inflammatory cells, and/or malignant cells related to BIA-ALCL (most linked to textured breast implants).

Always do your own due diligence in selecting an Explant Surgeon and prepare a list of Questions to Ask Explant Surgeons. The surgeons on this list are added based on word of mouth women’s recommendations and pictures of capsules and implants to ensure proper explants with full capsule removal (total capsulectomy and en bloc procedures). This website receives no money from any surgeons. The explant surgeon list is regularly updated.

You can try to see if Insurance can cover the surgery.

Explant is the most important step towards recovery by removing foreign body and toxic interference. Following explant you can start Detoxification of the toxins stored in the body due to the overload of toxicity (heavy metals, chemicals, silicone, biotoxins) from the implants. The body is capable of great regenerative and healing potentials when treated properly.

Inflammation & Toxicity

Breast implants are a controversial subject that are still advertised as safe by plastic surgeons, doctors, and the medical community when in fact they cause many health issues. When you hear about breast implants, doctors generally focus on the look and local complications – without disclosing the persistent foreign body reaction, adjuvant effects of silicone toxicity, heavy metal exposure, how the implants release gel bleed, the development of biofilm around implants (causing persistent low grade chronic bacterial infections, chronic inflammation, capsular contracture, etc), and how the implants are oxidized in the body (causing free radical/oxidative damage). These weaken the immune system and result in a systemic cascade of negative health issues, which may include autoantibodies and autoimmune diseases, endocrine dysfunction, thyroid/adrenal problems, gut dysbiosis, bacterial and viral infections, and more. Breast implants consist of two large foreign bodies composed of 40+ chemicals and have semipermeable shells that leak gel bleed of silicone, Heavy Metals, and chemicals from the day they are implanted, causing profound illnesses. These abrasive substances are toxic and inflammatory to our cells and body processes, such as the immune and endocrine systems. The “new and improved” cohesive silicone breast implants also release gel bleed and contain aggressive chemicals and heavy metals. Gel bleed inside the body is like glue. As Scientific Articles show, low molecular weight siloxanes are extremely toxic. Although saline implants may seem as the safer of the two, they are also encased in silicone shells. The FDA refers to these also as “Silicone Inflatable (Saline-Filled) Breast Prosthesis.” Many of them have faulty valve manufacturing defects that cause a leakage and “backwash” effect. Therefore mold can thrive inside saline implants for years, creating biotoxicity, and the health effects are detrimental. Textured breast implants are some the most problematic, they have also been the most linked to causing BIA-ALCL and have been recalled in Europe and suspended in other countries; Allergan by far has the highest number of cases recorded.

Trust your instincts and listen intuitively to your body, it sends you signals through symptoms. Time is of essence to the progression of your health. 

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