Explant Surgeons

Please find a surgeon who is committed and dedicated to the full removal of the capsules (scar tissue). This is done through either an En Bloc or Total Capsulectomy procedure. All implants should be removed in this manner to achieve the best outcome in recovery.

It is recommended that when you interview doctors you use a Questions to Ask Explant Surgeons (List): capsule removal (En Bloc for silicone and textured saline implants, Total Capsulectomy for smooth saline implants), drains, insurance coverage, cost, scar revision covered in the cost should you need it, pathology, CD30 ALCL testing of any seromas and of all capsules for textured implants, if the implants will be returned to you, and more.

This list of explant surgeons has been created by word of mouth recommendations in the breast implant illness awareness groups and from other explant sites. These surgeons were added because one or more women used them, the surgeons did a proper explant, and the women were pleased with their results. The highly recommended ones are more likely to acknowledge breast implant illness as they have seen many cases. However, the other plastic surgeons will not admit to it. They will refute you on the subject, as it is a liability and conflict of interest to their primary business of implantation. They may even try to dissuade you on explanting. They were added because it is necessary to keep a list of surgeons who have been capable of doing a proper explant and have had positive results. This list can be used as a resource but always do your own due diligence to ensure a proper explant – ask many questions, research carefully, talk to other women who have used these surgeons, and request to see “before and after” photos from the plastic surgeon. This website receives no money from any of the surgeons on this list and we are not paid to advertise any surgeons. We welcome feedback you may have, including adding or removing your surgeon.

Plastic Surgeon Explant List: 

Highly Recommended:

***Dr. Jae Chun – Newport Beach, CA

***Dr. Lu-Jean Feng – Cleveland, OH

***Dr. Marguerite Barnett – Sarasota, FL

***Dr. Victor Urzola – Costa Rica

***Dr. Corinne Becker – Paris, France and Milan, Italy

***Dr. Rita Kappel – Zwolle, Netherlands

***Dr. David Chin – Auchenflower, Australia

– United States –



Dr. Curtis Harris – Mobile, AL  ($4,500 including one night in villa with a nurse)

Dr. Kitti Outlaw – Mobile, AL


Dr. Jana Cole – Anchorage, AK

Dr. Michael Manuel – Anchorage, AK


Dr. Karl B. Hiatt – Mesa, AZ ($5,000)

Dr. John Williams – Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Gwen Maxwell – Tucson, AZ ($4,500)

Dr. Raad Taki – Tucson, AZ ($2,600)

Dr. Alvaro Testa – Mesa, AZ ($5,000, removes contaminated lymph nodes)


Dr. Ann K Passmore – Fort Smith, AR ($4,600)

Dr. Heath Stacey – Fayetteville, AR


***Dr. Jae Chun – Newport Beach, CA ($6,000 explant, $9,500 explant and lift)

  • Listens to BII, ensures full capsule removal, and does fat transfers

Dr. Jon Bradley Strawn – Newport Beach, CA

  • Also does fat transfer

Dr. Lisa Cassileth – Beverly Hills, CA

  • Breast cancer reconstruction expert
  • Also does fat transfer ($23,000 explant, lift, fat transfer)

Dr. Gabriel Chiu – Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Brent Moelleken – Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Kevin Brenner – Beverly Hills, CA ($11,300)

*Dr. Mossi Salibian – West Hollywood, CA.

  • Listens to BII and is specialized in micro surgery

Dr. Tiffany B. Grunwald – Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Roee E. Rubinstein – Thousand Oaks, CA ($8,900 explant and lift)

Dr. Elliot M. Hirsch – Sherman Oaks

Dr. Vipul Dev – Bakersfield, CA

Dr. Marc Lussier – Valencia, CA

Dr. Douglas J. MacKenzie – Santa Barbara, CA ($7,500)

Dr. Wally Hosn – San Luis Obispo, CA

Dr. Tancredi D’Amore – Corte Madera, CA ($10,500)

Dr. Elizabeth A. Peralta – Santa Rosa, CA

  • Breast oncology surgeon and reconstruction expert
  • Accepts insurance (Medi-Cal)

Dr. Kamakshi R. Zeidler – Campbell, CA

  • Also does fat transfer ($11,400 explant and fat transfer)

Dr. Christa Clark – Granite Bay, CA ($5,000)

Dr. Lars P. Enevoldsen – Modesto, CA

Dr. Susan Kaweski – La Mesa, CA ($6,000)

Dr. Tom J. Pousti – La Mesa, CA

Dr. Michael McConnell – Fullerton, CA

Dr. Yale Kadesky – Escondido, CA

Dr. Paul Chasan  – Del Mar, CA

Dr. Daniel Brown – La Jolla, CA

Dr. Gilbert Lee – San Diego, CA

Dr. Ron Edelson – San Diego, CA ($5,000)


*Dr. Linda C. Huang – Denver, CO ($5,700)

  • Listens to BII.

Dr. Brian Bradow – Denver, CO

Dr. Stacey Folk – Denver, CO

Dr. Warren P. Schutte – Loveland, CO ($3,500)

Dr. Jennifer Butterfield – Glenwood Springs, CO

Dr. Lisa Hunsicker – Littleton, CO


Dr. Deborah Pan – New Haven, CT

Dr. Michael Alperovich – New Haven, CT

Dr. Harold E. Beam – Glastonbury, CT

Dr. John C. Lee – Waterford, CT


***Dr. Marguerite Barnett – Sarasota, FL

Dr. Tara Harden – Fort Walton Beach, FL

Dr. Roger Brill – Gainesville, FL

Dr Jason Rosenburg – Gainesville, FL

Dr. A. H. Nezami – Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Eduardo Barroso – Miami, FL

Dr. Deidre Marshall – South Miami, FL

Dr. Darryl J. Blinski – Miami, FL ($5,500)

Dr. Leonard Hochstein – Miami, FL ($5,900)

Dr. Joshua Lampert – Miami, FL

Dr. Arthur J. DeBaise – Winter Park, FL

Dr. D. Scott Rotatori – Winter Park, FL

Dr. Daniel Azurin – Coral Springs, FL

Dr. Tal T. Roudner – Coral Gables, FL

Dr. Timothy Fee – Fleming Island, FL

Dr. Moriah R. Moffitt – Tampa, FL

Dr. Abraham Marcadis – Tampa, FL

Dr. Jacob Gerzenshtein – Lakeland, FL

Dr. Michael Van Vliet – Lakewood Ranch, FL

Dr. G. Peter Fakhra – Wesley Chapel, FL ($7,400)

Dr. David Rankin – Jupiter, FL

  • Listens to BII.

Dr. Mark Pinsky – Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Dr. Charles Messa – Weston, FL

Dr. Navinderdeep S. Nijher – Ocala, FL


Dr. Bahair Ghazi – Atlanta, GA ($6,000)

Dr. Carmen Kavali – Atlanta, GA

Dr. Marisa Lawrence – Atlanta, GA ($6,000)

Dr. Eric Odessy – Atlanta, GA

Dr. Randy Rudderman – Alpharetta, GA

Dr. Ed Pittman – Alpharetta, GA

Dr. Kevin Snodgrass – Rome, GA


Dr. Mark E. Freeman – Idaho Falls, ID


Dr. Florence Mussat – Chicago, IL

*Dr. Dhavel Patel – Hoffman Estates, IL

  • Knowledgable about BII.

Dr. Jordan Youngerman – Decatur, IL

Dr. Vidya Shankaran – Belleville, IL

Dr. Khurram Rashid – Peoria, IL


*Dr. Brian J. Lee – Fort Wayne, IN.

  • Knowledgable about BII.


Dr. Ronald S. Bergman – Des Moines, IA

Dr. Lestor J. Yen – West Des Moines, IA

Dr. Mark W. Mulkey – Mason City, IA


Dr. Richard Korentager – Overland Park, KS

Dr. Levi J. Young.- Overland Park, KS


Dr. William Dowden – Lexington, KY

Dr. Theodore Gerstle – Lexington, KY

Dr Janae Kittinger and Dr. Jim Tidwell – Owensboro, KY


*Dr. Eileen Black and Dr. Elliot Black – Metairie, LA ($7,500).

  • Knowledgable about BII.

Dr. Stephen E. Metzinger – Metairie, LA

Dr. O’Neil J. Engeron – Houma, LA


Dr. Salvatore Dimercurio – Hagerstown, MD

Dr. Craig Vander Kolk – Baltimore, MD

Dr. Larry H Lickstein – Baltimore, MD

Dr. Samir F. Shureih – Baltimore, MD


Dr. George Chatson – North Andover, MA ($5,400)

Dr. Jeffrey Darrow – Boston, MA

Dr. Melissa Johnson – Springfield, MA

Dr. Loreen A. Ali – Chelmsford, MA

Dr. Daniel Sigman – Stoughton, MA


Dr. Lee Colony – East Lansing, MI ($4,300)

Dr. Army DeRosa – Southfield, MI

University of Michigan Plastic Surgery – Ann Arbor, MI


Dr. Sue-Mi Tuttle – St. Paul, MN

Dr. Jennifer Harrington – Plymouth, MN


Dr. William B. Walker – Ridgeland, MI ($4,000)

Dr. Mark Elliot – Meridian, MI ($5,300)


Dr. Patricia McGuire – St. Louis, MI


Dr. Brian J. Parker – Las Vegas, NV ($5,700)

Dr. Bryson Richards – Las Vegas, NV ($5,200)

New York:

Dr. Tracey Pfeifer – New York, New York ($13,000)

Dr. Constance Chen – New York

Dr. Alan Kisner – Huntington, New York ($8,000)

Dr. Adam Perry – New Hyde Park, New York

North Carolina:

Dr. Gilson J. Kingman – Winston-Salem, NC

Dr. Glenn Lyle – Raleigh, NC

Dr. Victor Ferrari – Matthews, NC

Dr. Adam Ravin – Concord, NC


***Dr. Lu Jean Feng – Cleveland, OH

  • Listens to BII and is specialized in micro surgery
  • Also does fat transfer
  • Does not put implants in, only explants

Dr. Jennifer Butterfield – Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Robert Houser – Westerville,, OH


Dr. Scott A. Newbrough – Tulsa, OK

Dr. Anureet K. Bjaj – Oklahoma City, OK

Dr. Mike E. Gonce – Oklahoma City, OK


Dr. Richard Busby – Portland, OR

Dr. Juliana Hansen – Portland, OR


*Dr. Brian Buinewicz – Doylestown, PA

  • Knowledgable about BII

Dr. Bryan Cicuto – Lititz, PA

Dr. Francis Johns – Greensburg, PA

Dr. Christopher Saunders – Chadds Ford, PA

Dr. Peter Geisswein – Carlisle, PA ($4,860)

Dr. Emily Peterson – State College, PA

South Carolina:

Dr. Ram Kalus – Mount Pleasant, SC

Dr. Tracy S. Harvey – Charleston, SC


Dr. Robert Wallace – Memphis, TN (Recommended by Dr. Shanklin)

Dr. Robert Chandler – Memphis, TN

Dr. Peter Lin – Jackson, TN ($3,315)

Dr. Nicholas Tarola – Murfreesboro, TN ($5,000)

  • Removes lymph nodes

Dr. Jason Wendel – Nashville, TN

Dr. Stephen Davis – Nashville, TN


Dr. Fabian Worthing –  Houston, TX

Dr. Mark Clemens – Houston, TX

  • Cancer/Reconstruction/BIA-ALCL specialist
    The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. Paul F. Fortes – Houston, TX

Dr. Shayan Isaddost – Houston, TX

Dr. Scott Yarish – Houston, TX

Dr. James F. Boynton – Houston, TX

Dr. Melissa Crosby – Houston, TX

Dr. Kristi Sumpter – Houston, TX

Dr. Allen Rogers – Katy, TX ($4,300)

Dr. Shujaat Ali Khan – Fort Worth, TX

Dr. John Burns – Dallas, TX ($5,135)

Dr. David Morales – Dallas, TX ($6,700)

Dr. Bradley Hubbard – Dallas, TX

Dr. S. Rai – Dallas, TX

Dr. Karen E. Montero – Austin, TX

Dr. Chuma Chike-Obi – Austin, TX

Dr. Robert Whitfield – Austin, TX

Dr. David Mosier – Austin, TX

Dr. Philip J. Straka – Kingwood, TX

Dr. Charles Poulson – League City, TX ($6,000)

Dr. James D. Saar – Tyler, TX

Dr. Craig Staebel – Georgetown, TX

Dr. Mark Larsen – Beaumont, TX

Dr. Gary Lawton – San Antonio TX


Dr. Leland Chick – Salt Lake City, UT ($4,500)

Dr. Bradford Rockwell – Salt Lake City, UT

Dr. Kevin Rose – Provo, UT ($4,000)

Dr. Jed Bindrup – Draper, UT ($2,300)

Dr. Steven Wamrock – Draper, UT ($4,800)

Dr. Kimball Crofts – Lindon, UT

Dr. John Hiijawi – Murray, Utah ($4,500)

Dr. Casey Isom – Logan, UT


Dr. Chriss L. Hess – Fiarfax, VA

Dr. Michael Denk – Virginia Beach, VA

Dr. Saeed Marefat – Arlington, VA


Dr. George Marosan – Bellevue, WA ($6,000)

Dr. Wanda K. Miles – Seattle, WA ($7,500)

Dr. Otway Louie – Seattle, WA

Dr. Megan Dreveskracht – Tukwila, WA

Dr. Michael Workman – Vancouver, WA

Dr. Allen Gabriel – Vancouver, WA


Dr. Thomas Kinney – Brookfield, WI

– Other Countries –


***Dr. David Chin – Auchenflower, QLD

Dr. Gerard Bayley – Greenslopes, QLD

Dr. Phillip Bushel-Guthrie – Mackay, QLD

Dr. Lisa Creighton – Buderim, QLD

  • Onco-plastic breast surgeon

Dr. Peter Widdowson – Southport, QLD

Dr. Susan O’Mahony – Brisbane, QLD

Dr. Terrence Scamp – Main Beach, QLD

Dr. Nick Palmer – Rockhampton, QLD

Dr. Samuel Yang – Fortitude Valley, QLD

Dr Dilip Gahankari – Benowa, QLD

Dr. Isolde Hertess – Cairns City, QLD

Dr. Neil Allen – Ipswich, QLD

Dr. Mark Magnusson – Toowoomba, QLD

Dr. Scott Ingram – South Brisbane, QLD

Dr. Sheree Moko – Robina, QLD

Dr. Ellis Choy – Northbridge, NSW

Dr. Peter Haertsch – Eppping, NSW

Dr. Simone Matousek -Sydney, NSW

Dr. Steven Merten – Sydney, NSW

Dr. Scott J. Turner – Dee Why, NSW

Dr. Charles Cope – Mosman, NSW

Dr. Louis Wessels – Miranda, NSW

Dr. Graham Sellers – Wahroonga, NSW

Dr. Jake Lim – Parramatta, NSW

Dr. Colin Moore – Neutral Bay, NSW

Dr. Patricia J. Terril – Melbourne, Victoria

Dr. Kim Taylor – Road Richmond, Victoria

Dr. Jeremy Wilson – Mornington, Victoria

Dr. Timothy Cooper – Nedlands, WA

Dr Mark Hanikari – Subiaco, WA

Dr. Mark Lee – Subiaco, WA

Dr. Quoc (TK) Lam – Adelaide, SA

Dr. Yugosh Caplash – Adelaide, SA


New Zealand:

Dr. Meredith Simcock – Aukland, NZ ($11,500 NZD)

Dr. Julian Lofts – Auckland, NZ

Dr. Stuart McNicoll – Hamilton, NZ ($13,000 NZD)

Dr. Charles Davis – Wellington, NZ



Dr. Aaron Brown – Abbotsford, BC

Dr. David Ward – Surrey, BC

Dr. Nancy Van Laeken – Vancouver, BC

Dr. Nick Carr – Vancouver, BC

Dr. Urve Kuusk – Vancouver, BC

Dr. Michael Jacoby – Kamloops, BC

Dr. Thomas Sinclair – Canmore, Alberta

Dr. Annika Card – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Dr. Lawrence Tong – Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Sean Rice – Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Karen Cross – Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Michael J. Weinberg – Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Petra Schiller – North York, Ontario

Dr. Frank Lista – Mississauga, Ontario

Dr. Papanastasious – Westmount, Quebec

Dr. Andreas Nikolis – Westmount, Quebec


Costa Rica:

***Dr. Victor Urzola – San José, Tibás ($5,750 for en bloc explant, $7,750+ for fat transfer)

  • Very knowledgable about BII
  • Also does fat transfer



***Dr. Corinne Becker – Italy and France

  • Paris and Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
  • Milan, Italy
  • Also does fat transfer

Dr. Micheal Saiveau – Poitiers, France

Dr. Heinrich –  Vienna, Austria
(Uses Stem Cell Transfer)

Dr. Margaret O’Donnell – Dublin, Ireland

***Dr. Rita Kappel – Zwolle, Netherlands

Dr. Thea van Loenen – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dr. Florine Kingma – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dr. Frank Niessen – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dr. Linda Vissers – Venlo, Netherlands

Dr. Bolster – Groningen, Netherlands

Dr. Klaus Neirmann – Wiesbaden (Hessen), Germany

Dr. Lennart Blomqvist – Stockholm, Sweden

Dr. Michael Olenius – Stockholm, Sweden

Dr. Mikolaj Kubasik – Zakrzewo, Poland



Dr. N.K. Pramod – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.



Dr. Ken Arashiro – Okinawa, Japan



Dr. Alejandro de Rivera Campero – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico ($4,500 explant and lift)

Dr. Bernardo Garza Meija – Monterrey, Mexico


Middle East:

Dr. Ashok Govila – Dubai, UAE


South Africa:

Dr. Carla Norval – Johannesburg, South Africa

Dr. Francois N. Schutte – Boksburg, South Africa


South America:

Dr. Santiago Aguilera – Cali, Columbia

Dr. Luis Bitar  – Guayaquil, Ecuador


United Kingdom:

Dr. David Whitby – Manchester, England (£2,485)

Dr. Gerard John Byrne – Manchester, England

Dr. Chien C. Kat – Birmingham, UK (£3,700)

Mr. David W. Oliver – Exeter, UK

Dr. Paul E. Banwell – London UK

Dr. Tajmur Shoaib – London, UK

Dr. Lee Min Lai – Bushey, UK

Dr. Hassan Sulaiman – UK ($2,695)

Dr. Awf Quaba – Edinburgh, UK

Dr. Eve. Mitoff – Glasgow, Scotland

Dr. Erik Scholten – Buckinghamshire, UK

Dr. Guy Sterne – Worcester, UK

Dr. Sunita Shrotria – Surrey, UK


* One asterisk denotes a surgeon who is knowledgable about BII.

***Three asterisks denotes a surgeon who is knowledgable about BII and has much experience with proper explant (en bloc and total capsulectomy procedures). They are very reputable among the breast implant illness groups.